5 Reasons Why You Need SEO

SEO Is Not A Cost But An Investment

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5 Reasons Why You Need SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to a course of action, which entail having an influence on how a certain webpage can be viewed by the results that are naturally generated by search engines after keying in specific search keywords. These are 5 reasons why using SEO never goes wrong.

1. Invest and Harvest

Rank is not everything, but it’s one of big factors in business. It somehow shows who you are and how your business is. Before a tree is producing its fruits, it starts from a small seed that is fed time by time. Someone has to invest the tie to feed the seed before it grows bigger.

One seed of fruits could give you hundreds of fruits. SEO may cost you some, but it’s actually is an investment that will give you even much more. Going from the #3 page of a search engine and made it to the top 3 where the most clicks go, is surely opening the way for your brand to expand.

2. To be Found is The First Step

Your website is the first and the main point for your audience to contact you online. Just like when we’re introducing ourselves for the first time to new people, the first thing we ask for is their contacts. Why? So we can keep in touch with them and make a better relationship.

It’s the same thing how SEO works. It will make sure that your website is found by your audience. Then, when they found it, automatically they will notice your existence. Your great website is now could be explored and at last when it fulfills your audiences’ need, it will surely be loved.

3. Build Your Brand

Branding is a complex thing to do. In the same time, it is costly and also chaotic. Working hard produces a perfect result when you work smart in the same time. Here is the role of SEO. SEO helps to make your brand memorable. How? Like we’ve been stated before, after making the way by introducing your brands, more people will be able to visit your website. After getting familiar with the brand, a transaction happens. When they are satisfied, they will come back again to you and as the nature of social creatures, your audience will automatically share their experience to their friends, and then I bet you know what will happen later. That’s right. Another chance is opening to build your brand.

4. SEO Utilizes Social Sharing

This is an era where internet is easily accessed worldwide. Based on Pew Internet Project’s research related to social networking, as of January 2014, 74% of online adults use social networking sites.

Here is how SEO related to the social media: every content shared on those social networks are directly connected to SEO parameters like title, tags, or meta description. An SEO strategist will help you to manage this. Through SEO, you can control the content that people read on those social sites and spread them through their networks.

5. Trusts and Credibility is the Heart of a Branding

Your rank may get you to the top, but trust is what makes you stay on the top. Trust is something hard to achieve and SEO helps you to achieve that by making your brand to the top of search results. Then, people will perceive that you are the best. SEO helps your brand become better and stronger. Next thing you should do is to convince them more by being relevant. Speak in their language, get into their head and provide answers they need. Once you do, you will get their trust and your credibility is doubted no more.

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