Benefits of Having a Business Website

Do You Have a Business and Don't Have a Website?

Benefits of Having a Business Website

Choosing a publication media for your new or existing business is a bit tricky. You indeed have to spend more money and in the same time you need that money back in order to make profits. It means that the more effective the publication, the more profit you will get. One of the solution we can suggest you is having your own business website. Why website? Go and check these 7 reasons why a website is one of effective solutions for your business.

1. Credibility

Though you may not judge a book by its cover, but a cover really tells a lot about the content. Your website does too. Small business may not have a chance to have a grand façade to lift up the business, but here the good news, your website can do the same thing!

Nowadays, where most of the people in the world go online, a website is a chance to present your brand identity. By using a professional-look website, you will enhance the credibility of your brand and business. By having your own website, you can control what people can see in your website. Comment section, for example, can level how people valued you up. Good comments are great to increase your credibility. Having bad comments? Drag them to the trash, make them as personal evaluation for a better work and learn from it. As I’ve said, you can really control what your customers need to see.

2. Create wider range of customers

Most people today go online and it means that your customer will go even wider. Everyone can see you now. Great isn’t it? What you need is just patience and creativity in building your website. If you think you only have limited ability to make a beautiful professional web, there are lots of web designers out there who will gladly to help you. Just to make sure you found the one who is good at this field and you will regret nothing.

3. Accessible for 24/7

Your business have office hour. You don’t want to be bothered by your works in your family time, do you? You don’t have to ruin the precious moments by holding on to your phone all the day long to answer the calling of your curious and valuable customer. You have your own personal life! Make it to the most while your website does your business. Your potential customers don’t have to wait until the sun rises again to get information about your business. They don’t have to look for your leaflet or brochure around the town to know you deeper. They can get that information they need within the tap of their finger or the click of their mouse in the middle of the night or in the break of the dawn.

4. Saving Money

Instead of spending your money on printing leaflets and brochures, you better spend it to hire a professional web designer to help you build professional web. You will reduce the cost of the printing service, the transportation fee you spend by going to the printing shop, and you can cut the cost to hire people to distribute them. Reading a printed media is also degrading now and it’s not that effective anymore to put your advertisements in the magazines or newspaper. They even start to go online as well!

5. Eco Friendly

Who doesn’t care about earth? Each year, the world produces more than 300 million tons of paper. Reducing papers from printing the brochures will contribute to our greener earth. It will lessen your carbon footprint by eliminating unnecessary paper processing. When your customers know that you care and are contributing in making the earth greener, it surely adds your value in their eyes.

6. Ease in Updating

Ever experiencing distributed your leaflets public or published your advertisement on the newspaper but then need to change some important things like date or venue? You absolutely had go to the publisher or to print the leaflets and start all over again otherwise your customers will get false information. That’s really not effective, dude. It will cost you double and might cause you over budget which at the end will affect your profit.

Therefore, besides being more careful, try having a website. If any changes needed in urgent, you can just edit your post and voila! Now you have the most updated information for your customers. It’s easy, fast, and effective. It will reduce unnecessary cost caused by unnecessary mistakes.

7. Engagement with Customers

What’s better than having a good relationship with your customers? Website can help you to accomplish this. By creating some sections where people can engage with you, such as feedback through forms, comments, email, and even social media, you have been tried to be their good friends. Be open to them and see them opening themselves to you and start trusting you later.

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