How to Master SEO?

The Best Ways to be SEO Master

How to Master SEO?

“SEO is the lifeblood of modern online business for a very good reason.”

All of the major search engine networks have become the “tollbooth” to the rest of the Internet, connecting us to all of the different websites that we need to access regardless of what we are searching for in the first place. And though you could probably build up a bit of an online business through word-of-mouth or social media marketing, nothing beats effective search engine optimization (SEO) or search engine marketing (SEM) – and here’s how to get started!

Focus on the on page optimization elements before anything else

The most important thing you can focus on when looking to unlock all of the power and potential that SEO has to offer is to pay attention to on page optimization elements before jumping on board any “red hot tips, tricks, or tactics of the day”. The foundational elements – optimizing your titles, your headings, including captions and “replacement text” for images, and producing high-quality content – are much more valuable than checking out the latest fad search engine optimization tactic that may or may not work tomorrow.

Make sure you are creating unique content with readers in mind before robots

You always need to focus on creating unique content with your visitors and readers in mind as opposed to trying to “trick” the robots at Google to boost your search engine results dramatically. You used to be able to get away with some rather shady SEO and SEM approaches in the past with content, literally creating gibberish that was keyword stuffed the on comprehension to push your site higher in the rankings – but those days are dead and gone. An approach like that today will have you staring at the very real prospect of a Google Slap, sending you to the bottom of the search engine rankings (we’re talking about millions of pages on top of you).

Do absolutely everything you can to leverage backlinks & other “link juice” without compromising your integrity

When it comes to off page optimization, you want to try and create as many back links and other link juice resources as possible without compromising the integrity of your website – which is where advanced approaches like link wheels and other “professional” SEM tactics come into play. It’s vital that you research these approaches as much is possible before you decide to deploy them, or you could end up getting burned in the process.

Always implement analytics with your seo strategies

Last but not least, you’ll want to make sure that you are installing analytics onto all of your web properties as early in the game as possible – or you simply won’t know how effective any of your search engine optimization strategies end up being. Measuring your tactics and approaches will provide you with the “inside information” you need to successfully master SEO and SEM, giving you an almost unfair advantage over the rest of your competition.

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